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Posted Date Name Nationality Current Location Start Date Full/Part Time
05/02/18 Barry South-Africa South-Africa Jan 1. 2019 Full Time
05/01/18 Enocent Mazano Zimbabwe China Jan 01. 2019 Full Time
04/30/18 Thao Huynh United-States-of-America(USA) United-States-of-America(USA) Now Full Time
04/28/18 Wanda South-Africa China Now Full Time
04/24/18 Kellan Ashleigh Perc South-Africa South-Africa Now Full Time
04/20/18 Fred Iran Turkey Aug 18 Full Time
04/18/18 Adedeji Bukola Omolola Nigeria Nigeria Now Full Time
04/18/18 Pamela Philippines Philippines August 20,2018 Full Time
04/13/18 Fredrick Ouma Kenya China Any time from now Full Time
04/13/18 Reziah Miller South-Africa South-Africa To be indicated by host Full Time